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WITS™ Wireless Torque Subs

Wireless Information Technology System™

Patented and patents pending

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WITS™ C-Model

Casing Running Applications

The highly accurate WITS™ C-models can be used in combination with traditional casing running tools.   

The WITS™ C-models provide superior data acquisition accuracy for  casing running and premium connection make-up.

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WITS™ T-Configuration

Top Drive Applications

The WITS™ T-configuration combines filed-proven top drive safety valve design and performance with our WITS™ Torque Sub technology.  


The combined WITS™ sub and IBOP valve design of the WITS™ T-configuration provides a very compact solution.

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The Wireless Information Technology System (WITS™) is a data acquisition tool for drilling and casing running applications, commonly referred to as a “torque sub”.  The WITS™ system records various drilling and operational parameters, and may include torque, tension, compression, turns, RPM, pressure and temperature.  The WITS™ system tracks, records, stores and transmits data.  All data is encrypted using proprietary encryption technology to ensure data safety and data integrity. 


The WITS™ systems can be updated remotely with an internet connection.  This greatly simplifies adding and improving features and functions as they are developed and become available.  When connected to the internet at the end of a job, the job information and updates are synchronized with the Aelium Cloud Server™ where the data can be remotely accessed.  Regular synchronizing ensures the jobs are backed up, and that the WITS firmware, User Interface software and the computer itself are updated and ready to go to work.


All WITS™ models are highly configurable.  Please contact your Aelium sales representative for specific configurations and/or requests.


All WITS™ models are independently certified to: 

   US and Canada:                                    Global IECEx:                                            Europe / ATEX:





            CLASS I:

   DIVISION 1 & ZONE 1                                       


WITS-1 Models:

Load ratings up to 750 ton (680 metric tons). 

End connection sizes typically NC-50 and API 6-5/8” REG.  Many other sizes are available. 

Please contact your Aelium sales representative for specific load ratings, end connection sizes and configurations.

WITS-2 Models:

Load ratings up to 1,250 ton (1,133 metric tons).

End connection sizes include NC-70, NC-77, API 7-5/8” REG and API 8-5/8” REG.  Many other sizes are available. 

Please contact your Aelium sales representative for specific load ratings, end connection sizes and configurations.

WITS User Interface Software:

The WITS™ User Interface (UI) Software provides for a user interface to the WITS™ Torque Sub through an Aelium Access Point.


Through the UI software, the user can view, access, record, and monitor various operational parameters and status information of the WITS™ system.

Aelium WiFi Network - Access Point and Tablet options:

The WITS™ system must be used with the Aelium WiFi Network.  The Aelium Wifi Network is created by an Aelium Access Point (AP) which is optimized for connection reliability, stability and data integrity.  

The WITS™ Torque Sub, AP, and UI software work together and are designed and configured to optimize communications integrity, reliability and battery life.


The system can be supplied with different access points and tablets with user interface (UI) software depending on the customer’s preferences and needs.  Please contact your Aelium sales representative for your specific needs and configuration.

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