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We are open for business!

We are open for business and nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our customers, personnel, suppliers, and communities.  We have implemented various protection measures for the COVID-19 Wuhan virus.  These measures include cleaning of equipment and work surfaces, frequent hand washing, physical distancing at work, self-monitoring for symptoms of illness, and working remotely.  

Most of our supply chain is located in North America and we have not experienced any business interruptions to date.  We are fully able to respond to all our customer commitments.  

We frequently monitor the health communications of applicable, relevant authorities and adjust our business practices accordingly.


Due to these special circumstances, we cordially ask that customers, suppliers, and visitors contact us prior to any visits to our office.  You can reach us at our main office line at (346) 703-3080, or you can contact Ron at (936) 525-7366, or Jochen at (281) 906-8608.

Be well, be healthy, live long and prosper!


Ron Roling & Jochen Pfrenger

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